About Us

For the past years, a lot of people have been so fond of taking photographs of themselves, of others, of their friends, families and etc. This kind of hobby has caught the interest of many folks because it has been the trend for the past years. You will be able to see the happiness in the eyes of those people every time that they capture the great memories that they had with their loved ones.

However, prior to the happiness that people feel in capturing their precious moments, there is also a feeling of irritation and disappointment every time that they will encounter a corrupted file, struggle from the loss of photo and data and other problems related to the accidentally deleted photo incidents. For this reason, we have decided to create a solution in order to bring back all the corrupted, formatted and deleted files with the use of the most powerful software.

It is an excellent software that will help you retrieve all the files and all the photographs that once upon a time have brought so much joy in your life. This software is very much easy to use. It can effectively recover all the lost, deleted, formatted and corrupted music, videos, documents as well as photographs and other multimedia files that come from all kinds of digital cards after a certain situation such as disaster of erroneous deletion, formatting errors, file corruption and etc. Using this software is free from risk. It performs an operation of read-only on the memory card that you have. It doesn’t delete, move and modify the data’s on the card in order to avoid the cause of source overwriting as well as further damage. It recovers all the files and saves all of them in the location of destination that you specify in just few simple steps. It is a software that offers a simple procedure with an amazing effect!

This software supports the following card storages:

  • Compact flash card, CF card, CF type I, CF type II and Microdrive
  • Multimedia MMC card
  • Memory stick, Du, memory stick pro, pro HG, micro m2, XC
  • Flash card recovery, smart media
  • SD card, micro SD card, SDHX mini SD card
  • XD card picture recovery
  • Cellular and mobile phone recovery card, digital media recovery
  • Digital image recovery, USB flash drive

Aside from this file recovery software is very much easy to use, it can also recover multiple files all at a time. It is supported by more than 100 different kinds of files and it can recover all the deleted and lost files on the basis of the file of their file signature with the use of advanced recovery feature that is included in the software.

You don’t need to worry anymore if you have accidentally deleted a file in your memory card because this software will surely help you in recovering all the lost files that are important to you. So download this software now and start retrieving all your lost important documents, videos, music and photographs.