Best Memory Cards For Android Phones


When it comes to the best memory cards for Android phones, the first thing you’re going to realize is that there are a lot of options out there. A good memory card is essentially designed to do two things. You want something that is going to give you the ability to update your current storage capabilities to a significant degree. You also want something that is going to provide you with a formidable degree of protection. Should something wind up happening to your phone, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that you have everything backed up on your card.

Obviously, it’s important to regard the subject of the best memory cards for Android phones carefully. To that end, there are a number of things you are going to want to keep in mind.

How To Buy The Best Memory Card For An Android Device

Purchasing a good memory card for your Android device is not as difficult a task as you might believe it to be. However, there are quite a few different elements to the best memory cards for Android phones that you are going to want to keep in mind. Ultimately, as you are going to discover, everything pretty much comes down to knowing what you want from a memory card. Keep your particular needs in mind, and you should be fine.

With that thought in mind, here are some of the more important considerations of purchasing a memory card for your Android phone:

  • Size and storage capabilities: The size and storage potential of your memory card is obviously one of the most important considerations there is. You can find memory cards in increments of two gigabytes, four gigabytes, eight gigabytes, sixteen gigabytes, thirty-two gigabytes, and even sixty-four gigabytes. Anything below two is quite frankly not worth your time. The average user needs about sixteen, so start in that neighborhood. Keep in mind that the greater the size, the more expensive it is likely going to be.
  • SD cards and Micro-SD cards: Keep in mind that a long-term storage solution is really the best way to go. Because of that, focus on micro-SD cards. A micro-SDHC memory card may also prove to be a viable solution. You should also note that a good adapter will make it possible to use a micro-SD or micro-SDHC in a variety of differing ways.
  • Class is important: When we’re talking about class and the best memory cards for Android phones, we’re talking about the speed of the card. We’re also talking about transfer speeds, which is definitely something you want to pay attention to. The higher classes are naturally going to have the fastest potential to read/write information to/from the card. Don’t go with your cheapest card option, as you may pay for it later with slow transfer speeds, or the memory card failing to work properly in your Android device at all.

Without question, these are the three biggest things to remember with memory cards for Android devices. However, they are not the only things you want to understand.

Important Information On Memory Cards And Android Devices

While you now have a good foundation of insight into how to shop amongst the best memory cards for Android phones, there are a few other things that are worth keeping in mind:

  •  Make sure you have the storage set up properly: This is extremely critical. Your phone may not automatically connect to your new memory card as a storage space. You may need to go into the storage settings for your device, and then configure your settings to ensure everything you save goes directly to your memory card.
  • Don’t forget to back everything up: In all likelihood, you want to buy a memory card for your Android phone as a means of backing up things that are already on your phone. Your specific Android device should come with clear instructions to that end. Read them carefully, and then make sure everything has been backed up to the memory card properly.
  • Make sure the card has been “mounted” correctly: The great thing about the best memory cards for Android phones is the fact that they are so easy to use. Simply plug in the memory card, and then go to your storage settings. You will then have the option to click the memory card on or off.

What Is The Best Memory Card For Android Phones?

Ultimately, the best memory card possible for your particular Android device is going to come down to the following:

  • Price
  • Storage size
  • Class
  • Brand
  • What it protects you from (is it shock-proof? Water-proof? Temperature-proof?)
  • Whether or not the adapter is included
  • Whether or not the product includes a lifetime warranty.
  • Minimum write speeds

All of the above should make up the criteria that ultimately leads you to the product that is right for your needs.